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Available to NJ, NY, PA, and FL Non-Profit and Social Service Agencies
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Don't trust a "General" Insurance Agency to protect your non profit or social service organization.  Its important to consult with an insurance agent with experience covering your type of business

We provide a specially designed policy for non-profit and social service agencies, and can provide the following coverages and more.......

General Liability -  Your agency needs to buy general liability coverage. This will provide you with legal defense, and pay related claims if you are sued by someone for causing injury to a child, or an adult, or if you are accused of damaging their property.

Sexual Abuse and Molestation - This coverage will defend and pay claims for allegations that you inappropriately touched, abused, or molested a child or adult. It is important to work with an experienced claims staff who know how to deal with this type of situation

Directors and Officers Liability - You didnt have to do anything wrong to be accused of wrong for someone to file a lawsuit. A properly designed D&O policy will provide you with protection, and can include coverage for Employement Practices Liability as well

Volunteers Coverage - Covers volunteers when they are acting on your behalf. Gives the same coverage against unintentional acts as is provided to you and your employees

Umbrella Liability - This gives you additional limits of cover once you run out of limits on your general liability or auto coverage.

Property Insurance - Pays to repair, rebuild, or replace buildings, contents, playground equipment  for things such as fire, theft, vandalism, broken pipes, etc.

Loss of income coverage
-  Covers for lost income incurred while you are closed down due to a covered claim.

Auto Coverage - We can offer you complete coverage on vehicles used in your business, such as buses, vans, cars, etc.

Accident Medical Insurance
- Pays for medical bills incurred if a child gets injured at your center regardless of who's fault it is. 

Workers Compensation -  Pays for your injuries your employees sustains at work. Covers their medical bills and lost wages.

We are also able to provide additional protection, such as life and disability insurance, health insurance.

Please understand that this is just a brief description of some of the coverages available. We customize each policy to your individual needs and budget.  Please contact Technical Insurance Services, Inc. to discuss your specific needs.

Coverages Provided
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